Week #13: Writing Your Own Functions!

This is the last week of regular classroom activities.

Also during labtime I will be available to help people on the homework problem if you are still stuck.

The Final Exam is NOT cumulative as reported earlier (whew!)  There will be no number conversions and so on.  Topics covered are

  1. Process Management
  2. Database
  3. HTML
  4. Introduction to C++
  5. Variables and operators
  6. Types and I/O
  7. Branching
  8. Loops
  9. User-written functions

It has been my great privilege to be able to introduce you to computer science and I strongly feel that each of you will do extremely well to go to take CPS 171 C++ Programming or CPS 161 Java Programming.

Week #12: Fun with looping

This week we are going to get into gross detail on how to do loops in C++:  for-loop, while-loop, and do-while loop.  Items are as follows (and we will do them in this order!)

Lab on Loops (hand in by end of class)

  • LabLoops.cpp you will load this into Visual Studio and compile it (Right-click the link and choose “Save As…” from your browser)
  • LabLoops.txt this is the data file you’ll be using with LabLoops.cpp

Homework extension YAY!!

You have until May 1 to complete the coupon program.

Week #8: Introduction to Networks, MS Access homework

Welcome to Week #8!

Please NOTE:  you will need to create the tables for this problem yourself.  Khaled says it should only take 10 minutes and I’ll do a demo in class where you can follow along with me.  Use the data from the homework sheet to create your tables.  We’ll have time in class to work on your homework on Saturday so you can get a good start on it.